Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Irreplaceable RODI Asset

Oliver Namirimo is the first female to start working with RODI and the only paid employee of RODI at the moment. She joined RODI in 2011 after administration recognized the need for someone who could talk to young girls about sensitive topics. In addition to being a great listener, Oliver holds a certificate in secretarial studies and has extensive knowledge in record keeping and accounting, which has greatly helped move RODI forward. Oliver and Michael plan to marry in September. The two knew one other before Oliver joined RODI and both share a passion for improving the lives of the less fortunate. Oliver feels like it is a dream come true to finally become a member of the RODI team.

ACT celebrates dedicated individuals like Oliver whose gentle nature and warm personality help connect with the children who benefit from various RODI programs. Today, many children even refer to Oliver as their mother!

ACT supports grass-roots community efforts in Rakai, Uganda that directly impact women and children suffering from the social and economic ravages of AIDS. With our child sponsorship program, change is happening. Be a part of it.

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