Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Growing Family

Many view the children they sponsor as an extended branch of their family. This story comes from a Minnesota family who has built a special bond with three children in Rakai:

“Sponsoring three incredible children has been such a blessing. For a minimal amount of money, we have been able to provide three children with opportunities and in return receive an incredible amount of love. We live in such a wealthy society that we forget that half way around the world there are those who have no bathroom, no mattress to lie on and limited educational opportunities. Our dollars enable them to go to school and obtain an education and make a difference not only for their family but also in their community. The payback we have received is much greater than we could have imagined, because helping the children was not about us—it was about them. Yet we are the ones who are blessed.

“We exchange letters with the children; Matia calls us Mommy Karen and Daddy Greg. Tears come to our eyes every time. We have watched Steven and Matia grow up to be very handsome young men and Lydia, a beautiful woman. We are so proud of all three of our children!

"We are so blessed to be part of African Children Today, Inc and Rakai Orphans Development Initiative. The love they have for these children is amazing and we are so grateful to be a part of this initiative. We would encourage you to consider sharing a small part of you by sponsoring a child, because the amount of love you receive in return for the few dollars you spend will be more than you can imagine.”

ACT knows that generosity changes lives—the lives of the volunteers and of the sponsored children. Learn more. Contact ACT today.

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