Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ACT Reunites Rakai Children with their Sponsors, Part II

This story comes from Rachel and David—sponsors who helped provide for a young woman from a very young girl until she started her own business as an adult:

Assan and Matia today.

"We began sponsoring two young toddlers, Assan and Matia, through World Vision. Then, when the two children were school aged, we were able to resume our support through ACT in the form of education, food and clothing. When our friends from ACT visited them, they brought our gifts with them and took pictures of the meeting. We felt like we were there, too! We are extremely grateful for the communication, pictures and ongoing monitoring of our sponsored children provided by ACT. We are blessed to help a few young lives achieve their goals for a productive and healthy life.

"Oftentimes people feel overwhelmed and helpless when they hear of the terrible circumstances of others. They don’t try to help because they think something like, 'There are just so many, and I can't help them all.' We were inspired by the words of Chuck Swindoll: 'Have you helped just one?' This was all we needed to hear to begin engaging in the vital work of organizations like ACT."

ACT supports grass-roots community efforts in Rakai, Uganda that directly impact women and children suffering from the social and economic ravages of AIDS. With our child sponsorship program, change is happening. Be a part of it.

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