Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Family Filled with Hope

The twins today.

Esther and Rebecca are twin sisters. Their father is a local preacher and their mother is a peasant farmer. The mother sometimes goes preaching with her husband on the weekends. The family has a total of six children. Despite spending much of their time preaching, the family’s living conditions were very poor. They rarely had two meals in one day because they have only a small piece of land to grow food. The children had no access to quality education and health facilities.

When RODI first met the family in October 2008, Esther and Rebecca were school age, but could not afford to attend. We started looking for a sponsor for each one of them. Luckily they both got sponsored by the same person. Since then, the life of the entire family has changed. Esther and Rebecca were enrolled into a good school and are now progressing well. Their older twin sisters and their brother are also receiving some support from RODI in order to remain in school. The family also received a donation of two bicycles. The children use these to travel to school every morning.

Their mother enrolled into the Hope Again Women program and has been able to make and sell some jewelry to earn income for the family. She has used some of the money to support the education of her unsponsored children. She has also been able to rear some pigs to provide an income as they multiply.

Today, this is a very happy family that is filled with hope.

A family of smiling faces.

ACT knows that there are many families like this whose life can be dramatically bettered with your generosity. Can you help a family like this? Contact us to get started.

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