Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Opportunity to Help

Miss Nabbanja is 37 years old. She lives in Mukuswa village, 33 km away from the main road. The nearest health center is 40 km (24 miles) away. She lives with her 6 children: Bogere Richard (9), Nanyondo Teddy (6), Gonzaga Friday (5), Sylivia Nakaweesi (4), Boy Ssempijja (3) and Micheal Kaweesi (2). The house is in very poor condition with a grass thatched roof that leaks when it rains. Nabbanja’s husband abandoned her and the children when she was one month pregnant with Micheal.

Their house is situated on a very small piece of land (about 50 feet by 100 feet). Here she grows food for the children. She says that food has been the biggest challenge because wild animals eat their crops. Nabbanja wakes up very early in the morning and she, together with her children, go digging in the village. This helps her earn a negligent amount of income. She spends all her time looking for food to feed her children. She treats her children with local herbs because she cannot afford to take them to a health center. Fortunately, Nabbanja has not lost a child, but the children look unhealthy.

Nabbanja sleeps with the two younger children while the other four sleep together. They do not have proper bedding and only have one mosquito net they received from the government.

Richard, Teddy, Friday and Sylivia are of school going age but have not been able to start. Instead they wake everyday early in the morning to follow their mother in her search of food. While the education of the four is a major worry for this Nabbanja, the health of Boy and Micheal is equally worrying. Though they are two and three, they look as if they were twins around seven months of age. They cannot walk or even stand. They have to be carried around by the other siblings. Their nutrition is very poor and the children are thankful for a cup of porridge for lunch.

This situation is clearly tragic, but it is not without hope. Women like Nabbanja, and many children like Bogere, Nanyondo, Gonzaga, Sylivia, Boy and Micheal, have risen from dire circumstances like these with the assistance of generous individuals. Contact us to see how you can help.

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