Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Children Back into School

Sadik is 18 years old and the head of his family. He lives with his two young brothers: Abubaker Jjemba (15) and Unusu Sekkininga (13). Their parents died 11 years ago when Sadik was only seven years old. Since then they have been staying together on a small piece of land that was left by their parents. Five years ago, Sadik was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS when he was 13. Because of a lack of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) and the poor nutrition, his condition worsened.

Later he was able to access ARVs from a health center 40 km from away. Sometimes his younger brothers help him. A major problem is an inconsistent supply of the drugs. He sometimes labors to reach the center (usually by bicycle) only to find that there are no drugs in stock. In addition, insufficient nutrition and poor sleeping arrangements have worsened his condition.

Sadly, Sadik’s siblings have dropped out of school to help supply food for the family. A 14-year-old boy, Isma, also sought refuge in this home after the loss of his parents. He does not go to school because there is no source of tuition.

These are sad and dismal circumstances but they are not without hope. Sadik longs to see his siblings back in school. Abubaker says, “I want to go study and work with a charity organization to help other children and my brother.” Isma wants to be a doctor.

From our assessment, the family needs varied help; Sadik needs to have a constant supply of the drugs as well as improved nutrition and bedding conditions. He also said that a bicycle would greatly help the family. His siblings, Abubaker, Unusu and Isma need support to go back to school. The three are determined to work hard if given a chance to go back to school. Education is the longtime hope for this family.

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