Sunday, May 26, 2013

Years Later: True Sponsorship Impact Revealed

Aloysious and his son, John
We are pleased to introduce you to Aloysious Kaweesa, a very proud father, and his son John. Aloysious was sponsored as a child through World Vision by John and Janice, who currently sponsor another child through ACT. After the World Vision program ended, John and Janice lost contact with Aloysious and recently asked our RODI team in Uganda to help them locate their African son. RODI was able to locate Aloysious and discovered that he still had a picture of John and Janice on his nightstand! He is married now and named his first son in honor of his American father. Aloysious is trained in construction and supports his family by building houses. Sponsorship impact makes a difference one child at a time. Be a part of it. Contact ACT.

Aloysious on the Job

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