Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Group Joins Together to Sponsor a Family

A happy Hellen today.

RODI met Hellen (age 15) and her three siblings in 2008 when they were living with their mother. Their father had abandoned them. The living conditions of the family were very poor: one side of their temporary home had collapsed. They did not have enough food, and Hellen had dropped out of school. The mother had no means of generating income to provide for the family. One of the children being sponsored through RODI knew the family and felt bad when Hellen dropped out of school. The child informed RODI of their situation. Although we could not do much to change the living conditions of the family, we provided some support to Hellen to go back to school.

We then started looking for a sponsor to support her education. In April 2009, one of our visiting American friends Linda met the family and decided to go back home and talk to her church about them. Shortly after, the group decided to sponsor the family. Sadly, one of Hellen’s siblings passed away from malaria at the end of 2009. When the news reached the sponsors, they decided to build a new house for the family.

Today, Hellen is a very happy child with access to quality and good health services. He mother is very grateful for all the support. Hellen remembers well the condition before RODI came into her family. Hellen recalls: “Life was very hard when our father abandoned us…if RODI had not come to our rescue, all of us would be dead by now.”

The family and their new home.

ACT supports these grass-roots community efforts in Rakai, Uganda that directly impact women and children suffering from the social and economic ravages of AIDS. Change is happening. Be a part of it.

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